AWS Landing Zones

Landing in the Zone on AWS

Getting started on AWS can be complex. Hundreds of decisions must be made to create a unified, secure, scalable and extendable Landing Zone in AWS. Missteps in set up can lead to serious security risks, unscalable systems, and inefficiencies that slow processes and progress.

Each enterprise has unique needs: there is no standard framework. Landing Zones deployed by Atayo provide a fast and secure platform for the first steps on AWS, where it is crucial to avoid common and potentially costly mistakes that can lead to security, scalability and other critical issues. Atayo AWS Landing Zones provide guardrails to enforce security practices with the flexibility for continuous iteration that digital business demands. We provide a fully deployed solution, within 10 days of receiving requirements.  Our Landing Zones also include a multiple account security strategy to help you get started right in AWS for scalable, stable application and workload migration.

Our approach with Landing Zones on AWS emphasizes training, documentation, and resources to help teams new to AWS get the skills they need for long-term business agility.

Deploy faster and flexibly, ensuring compliance, while operating more securely in a multi-account AWS cloud environment

Powerful Cloud Transformations, Meaningful Outcomes!

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